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Pics from my trip out west in early 2006.

Better learn to merge.

This McDonalds is built OVER I-44!

New Mexico

Me near Red Rock Canyon in Nevada.

Cool mountains near Vegas.

Redrock Canyon.

Bubba the slobber dog.

Grandpa having a tug o' war with Bubba and Charlie the wiener dog.

Oops, I think the trailer was too heavy for the Toyota.

Furnace Creek.

Borax Train in Death Valley.

Neat cloud formation in Death Valley.

Golden Canyon in Death Valley.

The shroom rock in Death Valley.

HUGE crow.

Wild donkeys.

Alien crossing. I never seen such a sign in Indiana.

Neat trees in CA.

I loved the emerald hills and brilliant sky.

Eucalyptus trees.

North of the bay area there are some cool green hills.

A monster cat at my aunts house in CA.

Neat church in San Fransisco CA.

The beach in southern CA.

The Golden Gate bridge looks more rustoleum red to me.

Shasta Dam.

My Car near the coast in CA.

Northern CA off the side of the road.

Me in Disneyland.

On the way back near Flagstaff AZ.

I love how they warn you of speed traps in Oklahoma.

Antelope in Nevada

My grandpa chowing down at Walker Lake

Snow in March on US 95 near Tonopah NV

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