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Pics from my trip out west in July and August.

Southern Indiana

More southern Indiana

St. Louis arch.

Me in Missouri

Monster moth

Tons of cows in Kansas

Sunflowers in Kansas

Cool shop where we had a new tire put on in Lima Colorado.

Jenny's (my sister) van in Colorado. We slept in that thing. All 6 of us.

Some little creek in Colorado.

The Eisenhower tunnel on I-70. It's at over 11,000 feet elevation.

This truck had smoke pouring from it's brakes. Colorado sucks for trucks.

Neat lake near Frisco. Check out the sailboat in it.

It was July and they still had leftover snow.

I liked the way the mountains and trees look here.

Cool looking little store in Colorado.

Gold anyone?

I really love the Colorado mountains in the summer.

A lighthouse in Utah?!?!

Don't toss cigarettes out your windows.

Now that's a big hole.

This was taken at 9:30 am in Nevada. You'll roast there in the summer.

Cool cell tower.

Neat desert landscape.

Virgins in them there hills?

Jenny, Ralph, the kids, and my step dad Chuck behind them.

The van on the dry lake bed in CA.

This is where you see how fast your car can go.

Jenny, Ralph, and their kids again.

I think we got it dirty.

Dust devil.


He really likes to play in the dirt.

Me in the California desert.

Ralph and Jenny in the California desert.

Joshua trees and yuccas.

The California state line.

Sunrise in the desert.

Rain around sunrise in Nevada.

Still another early morning shot.

Weird thing glowing in the desert. The original shows better detail, but is huge. Email me for it.

Brothel. lol

Coolest sign in the world.

Beatty NV. It's a neat little town.

Crappy bottle house in Goldfield NV.

Some cliffs with petroglyphs on them. They also have some names in them too.

Looks like someone screwed up their landing...

Goldfeild NV skyline. Yes, most of the town is abandoned.

Neat old firetruck.


More strangeness.

Even more strangeness.

And more Goldfeild NV strangeness.

Really old truck.

Tonopah NV statue.

Mine, all mine.

Old store.

Mining shacks.

I think it's a fixer upper.

Rhyolite ghost town.

More of the ghost town.

Saloon in Rhyolite.

The other side of the saloon.

Old water truck.

Cool bottlehouse. Yes, those are real bottles.

Loose caboose?

Don't leave me hangin'.

The supposed center of the Shoshone universe. I went into the middle of it.

Wild horses.

Home sweet home?


Me next to a big joshua tree.

My other bro in law, Darinel next to a little one.

Cool looking shroud getting ready for a ride.

Snake! On a bush!

That place is properly atTIREd.

This jackrabbit was begging for food.

Jenny, Ralph, and the kids in front of a huge cross in Texas.


Sunset in Oklahoma.

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